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New - ShopWithScrip and MyScripWallet!

Our gift card provider, Great Lakes Scrip, allows you to purchase gift cards online through their ShopWithScrip Program. As such, Saint Kilian no longer offers gift card purchases through Clover Corner.

At ShopWithScrip.com, gift card retailers allow you to download and/or print your purchased gift cards or have your cards sent directly to your smart phone via MyScripWallet - all while receiving credit in the Saint Kilian Parish gift card program. To participate in this program, all you need to do is register on ShopWithScrip.com to have your purchases count toward your SKPS Family Fundraising Requirement. Please note that you will need an enrollment code to do this, please email fundraising@saintkilian.org to receive your personal code.

You can also choose to apply for their Presto Pay program, a direct debit program that allows you to purchase gift cards via direct debit from your bank account with no additional fees deducted. Participation in the PrestoPay program is subject to approval by Great Lakes Scrip and Saint Kilian Parish. Once approved, your gift cards will be delivered to MyScripWallet, right on your smart device. Without PrestoPay approval, you will simply need to deliver a check for your purchases to Saint Kilian for ScripNow! cards to be released to MyScripWallet or to ShopWithScrip for printing.

Please visit www.shopwithscrip.com for full details and click on the ScripNow! link to see which providers participate in ScripNow! and MyScripWallet. Many providers, for which you would previously have had to place a special order, participate in the ScripNow! online gift card purchasing program. For those providers that still only have plastic cards that are not among our regular stock of cards, please be aware that your order will not be available for immediate release and is subject to up to a week's wait. Please also note that Giant Eagle cards purchased online through ScripNow! have a lower rebate percentage (4%) than those physically purchased at Saint Kilian Parish (5%).

Enjoy and happy Gift Card shopping!

Please contact Lesley Stofko, Development Director, with any questions or concerns regarding gift cards or online gift card purchasing.

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